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SEO in the Philippines – An Overview

The SEO industry in the Philippines has grown rapidly in the recent years. People have mastered the aspect of SEO and why it is necessary to apply it in a business. Most of the issues pertaining to SEO were not there in the last few years, but they have not started to become a trend.

Philippine Top Companies
Philippines’ Top Companies. Credit:

The urge by business owners to gain an edge over their competitors is one of the leading factors that have led to the growth of SEO in the Philippines. When you go online, you will realise that most of the successful businesses in the Philippines have focused more on SEO compared to other business marketing methods.

In the past few years business owners in the Philippines sees owning a website as the one of the most important things that will help them succeed.

i got a website

However, most of the small and large business owners have realized that a lot more is needed in this highly competitive market.

This is why there is a focus on how to convert website visitors into long term customers. Most of them realised that they are getting a lot of visitors but these people are not taking action and buying their products and services. Using SEO to help boost conversion rates has been of one the reasons why there is a high level acceptance of SEO in the Philippines.

But, aside from the local market, a lot of international companies have also started outsourcing their SEO needs from the Philippines. A lot of firms from Canada, the USA, the UK and several other countries are looking into the Philippines to find SEO firms that can help them. This trend will surely continue to move upwards as more and more Filipinos immerse themselves in the SEO industry.

History of SEO in Philippines: How Did it Start?

TV5’s History with Lourd de Veyra. Credits

The Philippines is one of the countries that have experienced the fastest growth in the SEO industry. SEO has become part and parcel of every business operation because of the many benefits that companies enjoy when these strategies are applied.

Let us take have a brief look at the history of SEO in the Philippines.

what is seo Credits:

About twenty years ago, the word SEO was not in the mind of many people nor the business owners in the Philippines. What amazes many people is the extent in which SEO has taken root in the country, making people think that this is an industry with more than fifty years of history. The truth is that the history of SEO in the country can be traced back to only about a decade ago. In addition, the SEO industry did not grow instantly; it took some years before the concept could be integrated fully.

old ads Yellow pages- one of the traditional ways of marketing in the past. Credits:

The industry began when web designers began developing websites as a way of marketing businesses. Most of the web designers in the country did not have much knowledge of some of the major SEO concepts that you will find today. All what they did was to apply the little knowledge they had on how to optimize their sites.

A web design expert who had knowledge on how to optimize a website was seen as the best in the industry. So, it can be said that SEO in the Philippines has huge ties to basic web designing. As time went on, the country experienced a shift and SEO began to differentiate itself from the actual process of website development and design. This is what led to the upsurge of SEO professionals in the country.

An old Google listing. Exactly the reason why SEO is getting more & more competitive. Source:

Later on, website owners realized that there was a need to have well-designed websites in order to attract a lot of visitors. This is what prompted specialists in this area to start offering the services to local businesses. This also made local business owners realise the high level competition that was present even in the online world.

So, they had to look for ways to outdo each other in ranking in the major search engines. This is where now SEO came into full force as more and more people wanted relevant content created for their sites. They realised the importance of link building, pay-per-click advertising and other marketing methods. The high demand in SEO also made more people join the industry as it became a new opportunity to earn for many, especially the young people.

local seo competitor

As the SEO industry continued to grow, most companies from the developed nations found out that it was much better to outsource these services from the country. More and more Filipinos also became interested in gaining more knowledge in the industry thus taking competition even further for the service providers.

With the high quality SEO services that the experts offered, the notion that existed in past that SEO in the Philippines used black hat methods started to change. The upsurge of SEO industry in the Philippines has made the future look even brighter as time passes.

Current Status of SEO in the Philippines

In the recent years, different industries have experienced rapid growth in the Philippines, including SEO. This has been enhanced by the fact that most business owners in the country have realized the relevance that search engine optimization plays in helping them meet their specific marketing goals.

we don't need seo

In the past, most business owners in the Philippines did not apply SEO techniques as part of their marketing strategies. Most of them were clueless about the huge advantages that it can bring to their businesses. People became gradually aware of its importance which led to the rise in its integration in most small and large businesses in the country.

The Philippines is also slowly becoming an attractive spot for outsourcing by companies from different parts of the globe. Most of these companies not only work with SEO companies and experts from the country because of the low cost but also because of the professionalism demonstrated by the Filipinos.

In the last few years, more and more people have become interested in SEO and this has made even them join workshops and formal classes to learn more about it. A large number of Filipinos have become internet experts thus increasing the number of SEO experts in the country. Not only does this help meet the demand from local businesses but also the rising need from international companies.

Young man working on laptop at home

The SEO industry in the Philippines has become a major source of employment especially for many young people. A lot of millennials are turning to SEO jobs because they offer more convenience compared to working in other industries. It is possible for most people to earn from the comfort of their homes, so that they do not have to spend money for transportation and thus avoid all the other hassles that working in an office-based setup has. With this trend, it is expected that SEO in the Philippines will continue to grow even more in the coming years.

SEO Companies in the Philippines

Outsource SEO Philippines

Outsource SEO Philippines

Outsource SEO Philippines is a company founded by Devlin Duldulao. Its main aim is to help small to medium businesses in the Philippines reach their set objectives in the most cost effective manner. It focuses on providing a wide range of services such as SEO, social media marketing, responsive site development and many others. The company mostly offers their services to hotels and other major companies all over the world.

SEO Hacker

SEO Hacker Philippines

SEO Hacker is one of the largest SEO companies in the Philippines. It was founded by Sean Patrick Si in 2010 with the company starting out with only a few employees. Now, the company has a clientele of big companies that are currently ranking well in search engines.

Fervil Von

Fervil Von

This is a popular SEO firm founded by Fervil Von Tripoli, who has six years of experience in the SEO and digital marketing industry. The major objective of the company is to work with businesses in helping them develop great strategies in their marketing. It also helps beginners gain success in all their initiatives through SEO services including B2B marketing, branding, keyword optimization and others.

Iconcept SEO

I Concept SEO

This is another SEO company in the Philippines that offer great mobile solutions. It focuses on providing services such as mobile application development, e-commerce, business identity development, cloud site hosting and others. The company has a team of professionals that ensure that the clients get the best results.



The founder of this company is William Torres who had the basic goal of providing high quality SEO services to online businesses. One thing that distinguishes it from the rest is that it is picky in its clients due to its lack of resources. Some of the services offered by the company include social media engagement, logo design, content management, online marketing campaign and search engine optimisation. Its services are aimed at helping business gain and maintain a strong online presence.



An SEO firm located in Manila that helps a lot of businesses meet their SEO needs; it began its operation in 2009. During this time, it has already helped a lot of businesses attain their goals by gaining a strong online presence. It has managers who focus more on the development of talents. It offers services such as website development, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing.



This is an SEO firm in the Philippines that started its operations back in 2002. It was founded by Ms. Wendy Ang, a professional digital marketing expert. The company has marketing professionals and developers who help businesses attain their goals fast. Here you get services such as search engine optimization, mobile app development, web design and development, pay-per-click advertising, video marketing and many others.

SEO Blogs in the Philippines to Follow

SEO training Philippines

SEO Training Philippines

This is one of the best blogs that gives a lot of insights to those looking forward to join the world of digital marketing. It offers great techniques to apply in order to succeed in this highly competitive industry. When you go through the blog you will also learn some of the pros and cons of different SEO techniques. If you are an aspiring SEO professional, you can get a lot of information here that will help you succeed in the field. There are also courses such as SEO, social media marketing and website development.

Kaiser the Sage

Kaiser the Sage

If you want to succeed in SEO, this is a highly recommended blog for you. The owner of the blog is Jason Acidre who is known for his expertise in the SEO industry in the Philippines. The blog is rich in information and touches different areas of SEO including link building, web designing and many others. The blog also offers great ideas that you can apply in order to gain long lasting customers in your business. You can also learn some tactics to help convert your site visitors into loyal customers.

Digital Philippines

Digital Philippines

This is a blog owned by Venchito Tampon Jr., the link building manager of Integrity Digital Company. When you read this blog, you will gain a lot of knowledge regarding link building that will help bring success to. your business. The owner of the blog provides personal stories, experiences and challenges that he has faced in his journey through online marketing. The good thing about the blog is that you learn practical and realistic SEO methods including how to carry out effective off site search.

3J Digital and Social Hub


This is a very helpful site with content that is easy to grasp even for newbies in the SEO industry. It is rich in SEO posts written by well-known professionals in the industry. With fewer graphics, the site loads fast. The other good thing is that there are social media features where you can get connected with others who like the site. Users are also invited to guest post.

Eye Webmaster


This site offers great outsource services to both international and local clients. It focuses mainly on internet marketing and web design and development. It also aims at enlightening its staff and trainees on matters pertaining to web and technology.

SEO Events in the Philippines


Morcon food Though this is a very delicious and mouth-watering morcon, this is not what I’m talking about. Credits to: Panlasang Pinoy

Mastering Online Rankings Conference (MORCon) is an annual digital marketing event organized by SEO Organization Philippines.

Morcon 2014

NOTE: Credits to sir Glen Dimaandal of GDI Online Marketing for letting me use the MORCon event posters.

MorCon 2014
This is one of the most exciting and relevant events that opened the eyes of many SEO professionals. The aim of organizing this event was to ensure that SEO experts learned new strategies that would help contribute to the growth of the SEO industry. In 2014, the event had several SEO experts to offer insights in different areas including Jayson Bagio, Mike Lopez, Apple Babasa and Ed Pudol, among many others.

Mike Lopez talked on the importance of having a WordPress website and also shared some of the most vital techniques that WordPress site owners should use to promote themselves. Apple Babasa talked about how to take full advantage of their customers and gain more. In addition to the great insights gained through the different speakers, this was a great opportunity to develop strong networks.

Morcon 2015

MorCon 2015
This event was held November 7 and 8 at Lewis Grand Hotel in Pampanga. This is an event that Glen Dimaandal took time to organise in order to help look for ways to improve SEO in the Philippines. It was attended by experts in the online marketing field such as Sharp Rocket, Tarsius Digital Marketing and Growth Rocket, to name a few. The experts were invited so that they could educate fellow SEO professionals on some of the most important topics in the industry.

Itamar Gero discussed why site speed is crucial for success in SEO and the relevance it has in providing a great user experience. He also took the time to discuss why website speed is a very relevant factor in Google ranking.

Jeff Oxford of 180 Marketing dedicated his time during the event to share tips on how to make sure that site pages get accessed easily by Google to enhance indexing, crawling and rankings. The issue of link building as a great determinant of website ranking was also discussed in detail by Jason Acidre. Other speakers who discussed different topics included Arvin Buising, Dean Chew, Sheila Dela Peña and others.

Morcon 2016

MorCon 2016
The 2016 summit was conducted at One Tagaytay Hotel Suites. The speakers invited were professionals who are well known to have succeeded in the SEO industry in the Philippines.

Bingo Ventura created awareness on the best ways to scale an online business. Bernard San Juan III educated the attendants on the major things that are not friendly to Google but most people would ignore. Kenneth Sytian enlightened people on optimisation of page speed for WordPress sites. Other speakers included Jason Acidre, Dean Chew, Fervil von Tripoli, Marc Samson and others.

Morcon 2017

Stay tuned for the upcoming Morcon events in 2017; we will keep you posted here!

SEO Summit 2014

SEO Summit 2014 Credits to:

This summit was held on June 2014 at the Alpha Tents in Alphaland Southgate Mall. The summit had great speakers who included Jason Acindre who share about the different areas on building links. He also created awareness on outreach and how it should be carried out to offer the desired results. Another speaker was Benj Arriola who discussed about the different areas of technical SEO, what it entails and how to use it best for growth. Sean Si was also invited and looked at the different SEO issues and challenges involved and how to overcome them.

SEO Summit 2015

SEO Summit 2015
Credits to:

This summit was also conducted at Alpha Tents on June 2015. The three speakers included Sam Nam, Sean Si and Grant Merriel. Sam Nam looked at different analytics and all the information that need to be optimized in order to get the best SEO results. Grant Merriel enlightened the attendants on the different methods and approaches for a successful link building. During the summit, figuring out how to make the SEO industry in the Philippines move forward was also discussed.

SEO Summit 2016

This summit was held on June 2016 at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria.

The speakers invited included Sean Si, Grant Merriel, Bernard San Juan, Dan Petrovic and Wojket Mazur. This summit geared towards touching almost all SEO topics making it more inclusive compared to the previous summits. Topics discussed included future expectations in the SEO industry, trending SEO approaches and many others.

SEO Summit 2017

Stay tuned for the upcoming SEO Summit in 2017 – we will keep you posted here!

Where is SEO in the Philippines headed

Currently, the Philippines is among the countries in Asia and in the whole world where SEO has taken root. The country has been in the forefront in encouraging local people to open businesses for many years.

Because of the rapid growth of the industry, a lot of Filipinos have already embraced it thus helping to create a high level of competition among SEO companies and professionals. This has led to the country becoming more and more in demand not just among local clients but even among international ones.

SEO has grown because it is one of the most effective marketing strategies that local and international business owners can use to try to gain competitive edge over their competitors. This means that local SEO will rise even more compared to what it is today.

Quote from this year’s new animated movie, “Sing.” Buster Moon: “You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom, there’s only one way left to go, and that’s up!”

The Philippines is producing a lot of graduates from different institutions every year. Most of the graduates are now finding it easy to look for SEO and are even becoming very competent at it. This may result to a high competition among service providers but this has also resulted to meeting the industry demand for experts.

With the many benefits involved in working on these jobs such as working at the comfort of your home, reducing travel costs and many others, it is expected that more and more people will join SEO industry in the future.

Most international companies are also finding it easy to outsource their SEO work to the Philippines because of the high quality work provided by Filipinos and the convenience it brings, too.

Don’t be surprised why there is an increasing rise in the number of local SEO companies that work with and for foreign businesses. This is a trend that is expected to move on, so you can expect more SEO companies to rise and the existing ones to growth further as more and more countries opt to get SEO from the country.

Why is it best to hire an SEO in the Philippines?

The current trend is that most companies from countries such as the US, UK, Australia and several others are opting to outsource SEO services from companies and professionals here in the Philippines. This is a trend that has been on the rise in the past few years and it is expected to move on even in the future.

Here are the reasons why we believe it is best to hire an SEO expert from the Philippines:

A large pool of qualified experts

Filipino business lady

One of the reasons why it is a good idea to hire SEO services in the Philippines is that there are a lot of qualified experts with the ability to ensure that you attain your business goals even within a very short time. With the growth experienced in the SEO industry, more and more institutions have embraced training in the SEO best practices.

This means that when you hire the SEO services from the country, you can be assured of getting high quality results regardless of the services that you need. There are thousands of web developers, app developers, video marketers and other professional in the country with the ability to make you realize your online marketing dream fast.

Cost effectiveness

Asian businesswoman in the meeting

Business marketing can cost you a lot of money if you have no idea about what you are doing. One of the most cost effective ways to cut costs would be to hire an SEO professional in the Philippines. The cost of getting SEO services from the country is quite low compared to the amount it would cost you to hire full time employees to work on your business and fulfill SEO needs.

Most of the SEO services in Philippines charge an amount that is reasonable and affordable for most businesses, even the small and local ones. The good thing is that despite being charged at a lower cost, you still get the best results. Therefore, you also end up making more money because you reduce the overall business cost.

High level integrity and ethics

Filipino man working at home

You do not want to work with SEO experts who always provide major inconveniences such as missing deadlines or breaching the agreement. When you hire an SEO professional in the Philippines, you can be assured that you will not have to go through such stress.

Most of the SEO companies in the Philippines value their customers and hold them with high level priority and treat them as the greatest assets. These experts observe high level integrity and work ethics in all the services that they offer. This means that you will be assured that you will get what you expect within the agreed time. Honesty is a very important value for most SEO companies in the Philippines.

Good command of English and other languages


Writing In Journal In Doorway

Most people in the Philippines, especially those working in the SEO industry, have a good command of English. This helps ensure an effective means of communication. You can also expect to have high quality content development services along with it. Some SEO companies even have a good command in other international languages, so you can get the services in the language that you need.


Foretec Philippines – Who Are We?

Foretec SEO Philippines offers the ultimate solution to all your business needs. The company provides marketing services that are highly focused on meeting the specific online needs of your business. The firm aims to offer high quality SEO services to all clients, regardless of the size of their business.

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The ultimate goal is to ensure that all clients are satisfied with the SEO services provided. The company ensures that customers get 100 percent satisfaction by providing through and tight analyses of all the processes involved. This can be proven by just looking at Foretec clients’ websites, ROIs and rankings.

Foretec is an all in one SEO provider, meaning that all your needs can be met by the company in a very effective way. Foretec SEO Philippines also involves many other processes including SEM, SEO, site designing and development, content development, hosting, domain purchasing and others.

The company prides itself with extensive experience and strategies that are well thought to ensure success of every business. The ultimate success of the clients is the ultimate satisfaction and happiness of the company too.

SEO Company Philippines
Foretec SEO Philippines specializes in working with all types of businesses regardless of size and aims to develop long lasting working relationship with clients who offer brilliant services and products to their customers.

Our services aim to ensure that clients get a positive and favorable return on investment (ROI). Foretec SEO focuses more on dominating local search terms and optimizing them for SEM campaigns and pay-per-click advertising.

The SEO services offered by Foretec include content creation, meta-tag optimization, link building, article submissions, profile creation, press releases, domain buying and research, keyword research, directory inclusions and others according to request from clients. Check out our SEO Services in Philippines here. All these services are provided by experienced and qualified experts with an understanding on how to make your business stand out.

Get Google #1 Page Ranking Fast or Get Refund!

“100% Money Back Guarantee” SEO Services! No BS, No Drama, No Excuses, We Let RESULT Speaks!
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